Android Developer (F/H)

Job description

Developing the Android app  

  • Manage and update data I/O with our BLE connected devices

Bluetooth Low Energy is a fabulous technology for connected devices, that's why we have chosen this technology for Motion.

  • UI/UX integration
  • Integrating data analysis algorithms

There are algorithms both on the backend, on the sensor itself and the mobile app. You will work closely with the R&D team to integrate the data-processing on the app and also the backend team to display the best valuable information.


Maintaining and testing

  • QA & release process

We provide premium user experience; it requires great design and user research but also conscientious integration and top quality. Releasing reliable products will be part of your mission. We have a greatly engaged beta-community, they are on a Facebook group and we provide a Trello roadmap so they can express themselves. You will work closely with them during the testing and the release process. Transparency and quality are one of our leitmotivs.

  • UX optimization

You will work with the product team to get and analysis data, setup analytics tools and be part of the UX improvement process.



Academic background: Android development experience

Professional experience: 2 years +

Specific skills:

  • English basic skills
  • Mindset & qualities:
  • Autonomous and rigorous
  • UX sensibility


Apart from this few specific qualities, take a look at our startup culture and be sure that it matches with your mindset. Culture fit and team spirit are mandatory for us!