Communication intern English/German (F/H)

Job description

⚔️ Translate product and marketing tools  ⚔️

Fully integrated in the marketing team, your responsibility will be to make sure that all of Equisense content is translated and available for English and German speaking riders.


⚔️ Transpose and adapt the marketing model to the UK and US market ⚔️

We developed a marketing model that works for France and grows day after day. Your mission will be to adapt this model to the German, British and US markets to fit local needs and convert more customers.

  • Communication

Through e-mailing campaigns, social networks, PR, you will have to spread the word about our value proposition and news.

  • Community management

Our community is a key element in our marketing strategy. Riders are sharing our passion for progress and horses welfare and it is a strength. It is hard work to engage this community and make it part of Equisense’s adventure. You'll have to find this committed and passionate community in the UK and US, make it grow and engage with it to make it grow into an ambassador community. Additionally, you assist in the development of the German market.

  • Acquisition

You will work with the Acquisition team to make sure that Facebook ads are adapted to your market.

  • Customer Care & success

Our number one focus is to provide our users with a great product experience but also a great brand experience while they look for information or try to contact us. You will take care of our customers, make sure that the information they need is available and that they always find a real person to talk to when they reach us. 



Academic background: Business & marketing

Professional experience: Only passion matters

Specific skills:

  • Communication basics
  • Native English or German

Mindset & qualities:

  • Optimism & energy
  • Comfortable with new digital tools
  • Autonomous and rigorous
  • Passionate about equestrian sports

Apart from this few specific qualities, take a look at our startup culture and be sure that it matches with your mindset. Culture fit and team spirit are mandatory for us!