Firmware Engineering (F/M) [internship]

Job description

Developing our future products

You will work with software engineers, industrial designers, mechanical engineers and users to build our next products.


Maintaining the current firmware

  • Develop new features

We are always releasing new features that optimize the user experience and the sensor performance and safety.

  • Improve the Firmware quality

Firmware runs on its own without any OS to recover any bad behavior. The code quality is for us very important so you will implement tools and processes to build the perfect products of tomorrow. Doing so, you will gain a deep understanding of the system behaviour.

  • Integrate new algorithms

Data processing is done in real-time on the tracker. You will work closely with the R&D team to implement their algorithms.



Technical Skills

  • C/C++, ARM Cortex M microcontrollers, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, SPI, UART, GNU Binutils, Git

  • Software optimization for energy and memory optimization

  • Comfortable with measuring devices (DMM, Oscilloscope, Logic Analyzer)
  • Electronics skills
  • Scripting languages (Python, Shell) appreciated.

Mindset & qualities

  • Tech addict
  • Curious about how things are working
  • Problem solver

Apart from this few specific qualities, take a look at our startup culture and be sure that it matches with your mindset. Culture fit and team spirit are mandatory for us!



⚖️  Internship

⏰  Asap for 4 to 6 months

📍  Lille