Product growth manager

Ihre Aufgaben


1. Product strategy

You will refer directly to the CEO (me) and be part of the executive committee. We will define the strategy and the main key results to be achieved. Then I will do my best to help you succeed in your mission but you will define the what and how.

2. Improving current products experience

  • Customer research and analytics

Equisense trackers have now good retention rates and satisfaction grades but we can always do more and better. It should not represent more than 25% of your time but you will be responsible for our product to serve better and better the riders in their daily training.

We have an engaged beta community, a huge amount of usage metrics and thousands of clients happy to give feedback. By working with the customer support and community-management teams, you will animate these intelligence sources. Maintaining dashboards will also be part of your job.

  • UX design and user tests

Before asking designers to work on the final UI, you will have to iterate on wireframes and user tests using for example Sketch and Zeplin to prototype ideas. You won’t be alone for that. We use to involve part of the team in design workshop.

3. Launching product monetizing and managing growth

  • Grow the free user base

We currently have a free version of the app with a NPS score of 64 as well as 30K active users and 250K downloads. We just launched some new and free cool features like GPS monitoring for outdoor training. It increased our growth drastically but we believe that we can do way more. It will be your mission if you accept it!

  • Launch and optimize premium services

We now have a huge base of training programs that riders love. We need to build from that a range of training premium services. Your mission will be to optimize the good set of features, the pricing and the growth leverage to make it succeed.

We also partner with other compagnies for integrations and dedicated features.

  • Optimize in-app conversion

Our app should be a massive acquisition channel. This is actually already the case but with the right user journey, a piece of gamification and the right CTA, we are sure that it could be our very first growth leverage.

4. Managing development process and team

  • Specification, prioritization and planning
  • Team management

You will partner with our talented and very efficient tech leader to ensure the maximum productivity of a 5 developers team.

  • User tests and QA

Before releasing any feature, you will have to ensure that it fulfills your wishes and that the experience is great.

Quality is the sine qua none condition for any success. It will always be one of the fundamentals for you.


Ihr Profil

Academic background: Any

Professional experience: 3 years + and/or a great ability to work in team and learn fast!


  • Good UX skills
  • Product KPI monitoring
  • Growth marketing: funnel, monetizing
  • Product management
  • Leadership
  • English


Mindset & personal qualities:

  • Design lover
  • Growth hacker
  • Analytic mind
  • Autonomous and rigorous
  • Leader