Firmware & DSP Engineer (F/M)

Job description

Starting date


Contract type



  1. Develop and maintain the DSP algorithms
    Data processing is done in real-time on the tracker. You will work closely with the biomechanics team to help
    optimizing and implementing their algorithms
  2. Develop and maintain the firmware
    We are always releasing new features that optimize the user experience and the sensor performance and
  3. Improve the software quality
    Firmware runs on its own without any OS to recover any bad behavior. The code quality is for us very
    important so you will implement tools and processes to build the perfect products of tomorrow. Obviously, you will also fix bugs.
  4. Interact with the hardware providers
    You’ll be in charge of interacting with our hardware providers in order to supervise the production and
    the sensors replenishment.
  5. Interact with the support team
    We give a very significant importance to the customer support of our products to reach and maintain a
    high customer satisfaction. Our support team will assign you bug reports that you’ll have to analyze and fix if needed.
  6. Work with the biomechanics engineer
    In order to gather data and test our software, we are hiring a biomechanics engineer who will regularly
    go to stables to put the sensor on horses and confront our system to real conditions. You’ll work in collaboration with this person in order to test the software you develop and ask him/her to gather you the data you need. You’ll also provide the technical tools/prototypes needed for the tests.

Job requirements

  • Academic background
    • Experience in consumer electronic device development
  • Professional experience
    • 2 years +
  • Specific skills
    • Technical Skills : C/C++, ARM Cortex M microcontrollers, Bluetooth, SPI, UART, GNU Binutils, Git, Python
    • Software optimization for energy and memory optimization
    • Comfortable with measuring devices (DMM, Oscilloscope, Logic Analyzer)
    • Basic electronics skills
    • DSP solid foundations
  • Mindset and qualities
    • Tech addict
    • Curious about how things are working
    • Problem solver
    • Well organized