Product Owner - Equisense

Job description

The Voltaire Group, with origins in France, was founded in 2010 and has become a leading premium sport saddle maker in less than 10 years thanks to a bold innovation strategy. With its 7 brands: Voltaire Design, Forestier Sellier, Equisense, Rebelle Sellier, Pegase Saddlery, and SCB, the Voltaire Group formed a unique knowhow with over 200 employees worldwide and has 85% annual export turnover. Voltaire Group is resolutely modern and has placed its social and environmental accountability at the heart of its corporate mission which aims to «unleash everyone potential to reach excellence».

Within the Voltaire Group, the Equisense brand is dedicated to connected products serving horses and their riders.

Job description

    1. Product strategy
      1. Synthesize all sources of information and develop a product strategy
      2. Analysis of product indicators and reporting
      3. Management of KPIs and product objectives
    2. UX design and specification
      1. Wireframing screens
      2. Test models with users
      3. Specify the functionalities so that they are developed by the technical team
      4. Estimate development time in conjunction with the technical team
    3. Delivery animation
      1. Define and manage the roadmap
      2. Lead the design and tech team
      3. Release planning
    4. User test
      1. Lead the team of beta testers

    Job requirements

    • UX design
    • Control of scrum / Agile processes
    • Understanding of the challenges of IT development
    • Knowledge of Indicators specific to digital products
    • English
    • Rider